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Securing the surfing experience at home

  1. Administrator
  2. Friday, March 19, 2021

At home you have many different needs and wishes when it comes to controlling the use of your broadband connection. There might be several reasons for the need, but one common need is built up with parents with the so common teenage issue at home. The usage of the so very useful Internet has gotten out of hand and studies are suffering when the social network browsing, game playing or YouTube streaming takes control of our youngsters life instead of them preparing for their future life on their own.

As a parent we need tools to help set boundaries and at the same time get some distance from being the controlling parent. It might be extremely useful to set rules for what may be surfed at what time and for how many hours a child can be using the Internet. It can also be very useful to be in control on what your guests can do and not. You might also want your children’s friends not to have the same freedom as your own kids when it comes to what is allowed and not. We can solve these wishes for you as a parent.

At CronLab we have developed an app for Android and iOS that can control a standard router and its behaviour at different times, days and situations during the hours of a day. The app controls a standard router which is running a standard operating environment complemented with software that connect to our cloud service.

If you are a router manufacturer and want this functionality we would be very happy to sit down and discuss how this could be integrated into your products.

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