CronLab and Icomera’s
Connected Journey

Icomera, a company powered by Engie Solutions since 2017, is the world’s leading provider of high-powered mobile internet connectivity for public transport. Engie olutions, the parent company, is the French multinational electric utility company and is quoted on Euronext Paris.

Icomera is currently creating The Connected Journey - a way to provide travellers with mobile internet connectivity and other solutions that are powered by the internet, throughout their journey.

The Connected Journey is designed to make public transport options more attractive and encourage their use in order to promote sustainable green mobility and aim for a carbon-neutral world.

Icomera created The Connected Journey with solutions aimed to make an enriching, convenient, and entertaining trip for passengers on public transport vehicles. Here is how CronLab has helped them achieve this.

Icomera and CronLab’s Partnership

Icomera provides internet connectivity to trains and buses worldwide. Passengers require a protected internet browsing experience that isn’t prone to security threats and is unlikely to allow users to view/use content that is inappropriate for public transport.

To provide this secure environment, Icomera collaborated with CronLab and used its modular web security system to create a filtering solution that delivers controlled and optimal internet usage in its proxy-based connection for public transport vehicles.

Our partnership began in 2015 and CronLab continues to provide web filtering solutions to Icomera’s increasing customer numbers worldwide. Thomas Roberts, former SVP EMEA Marketing and Products Icomera AB, said, “The culture at CronLab is to truly listen to our demands. They have always delivered in time and according to our expectations. This is exactly the type of partner we need and want to cooperate with.”

How does the System Work

The CronLab-Icomera system was created by integrating CronLab’s web filter into Icomera’s advanced Multi-Modem Mobile Access Routers on buses and trains that Icomera provided internet connectivity to.

The train and bus operators are web access policy administrators and have the discretion of deciding on which filters to enable and which content they deem suitable. They can either enable Friendly WiFi’s child pornography filter, or they can block additional categories that they also consider inappropriate or threatening.

To do so, they can choose from CronLab’s 200+ URL categories and all content that is related to the chosen topics/industries/areas will be blocked effectively.

The filter sorts through CronLab’s database of over 36 billion URLs that covers over 99% of the active web.


  • Very high volume
  • Limited bandwidth
  • Very low latency to inspect
  • HTTPS certificate requests
  • Multiple

  • Remote Configuration

  • Router on
    train / bus

  • Configuration

  • Proxy

  • Local

  • CronLab

  • WiFi
    Access Points

  • User

  • WiFi traffic is

  • URLs are compared against
    policy and allowed or denied


Each year, CronLab helps Icomera protect over 1 billion passenger journeys with over 1,000 advanced Multi-Modem Mobile Access Routers installed in buses and trains globally. CronLab aims to build on this partnership in providing a productive, safe, and suitable web environment on public transport to an ever growing number of vehicles and passengers. Accordingly, we want to encourage people to use public transport more often, and thereby to enjoy a connected, informative, and entertaining internet experience during their journey.

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