CronLab-Kurio Collaborate
to Create Kurio Genius

World leader in providing child-safe technology devices, Kurio is an award-winning range started by the KD Group. The company’s operations began in 1996 and now has over 100 employees around the globe and more than 20 years of experience in providing interactive, safe technology-based toys for kids (the Kurio range). KD Group has an international presence and its products are distributed and sold globally.

Most of the company’s Kurio range is particularly designed to deliver interactive experiences for children and includes products ranging from smartwatches to tablets.

CronLab has been directly involved with KD Group since the time of conception and launch of their Kurio range (starting with tablets) in 2011, assisting in overall Kurio product development and more specifically in delivering best in class bespoke web filtering solutions.

Xavier Ferrer Perrera, Business Manager at KD Group, is all praise for CronLab’s work, He said,“We have been in a fruitful relationship with CronLab since 2010. We have never been let down on our expectations so far. They always respond quickly to our requests and the services have so far been impeccable.”

Kurio’s Products

All Kurio products are specifically designed with child safety in mind. Most products in the Kurio range require connection to the internet, but the Kurio tablets allow general browsing on the internet.

There is therefore a need to protect children -the users- from malicious and inappropriate content and to provide a suitable browsing experience.

CronLab and the Kurio Genius Filtering System

Building on our extensive web security expertise, CronLab collaborated with KD Group and created the Kurio Genius Internet Filtering System, allowing for a tailored, secure web browsing experience for each family member. This filtering system is an integral part of Kurio’s overall comprehensive parental controls which provide parents with many additional oversight options, including time limits to access the web, Apps or even the device itself.

Powered by CronLab technology, The Kurio Genius Internet Filtering System filters and categorizes over 36 billion URLs in order to deliver a safe and suitable browsing experience for children.

How does the Kurio Genius Filtering System Work

The system ensures that children cannot access, view, and/or are not exposed to irrelevant and inappropriate content, while devices remain safe from malware and threats. Parents and/or guardians act as admins for the system and can set age-based or custom filters for up to 8 unique user profiles.

These filters can be modified as and when required, for instance adapting as a child is growing. Parents choose from a list of different types of content and block all content that they find inappropriate.

Administrators can also mark content that they find suitable as safe, easily and at their discretion. They do this by choosing from over 50 URL categories and selecting those that they want to be inaccessible to their child.

The strictness of controls is solely determined by the parents (or administrators) and can be changed as and when the parent wishes. For example, the strictness of controls may be decreased with a child’s age and as he/she becomes more mature.

As there may be multiple children in the same family, using the same device, it is important to provide the option for customized filtering.

This enables providing a unique browsing experience for each user based on their level.

This is how the Kurio Genius Internet Filtering System works.

  • Parent
    create profile

  • Select age profile
    or detailed settings

  • Configuration

  • Compares against child's policy to allow or deny fetching resource

  • Tablet opertaing system checks category

  • Child requests web resource

  • Cronlab
    Cloud *No personal
    data stored by

Kurio’s Customers & CronLab’s Parental Controls

CronLab’s filtering technology is regarded as a major differentiator for Kurio products and many customer reviews specifically mention how safe internet use is for children via Kurio devices.

A customer reviewed the Kurio Tab Connect and wrote,“I want to protect my girls from the dangers the World Wide Web throws out, but I also want them to marvel at its wonders.

This is where the tablet’s exclusive Kurio Genius Parental Software comes into its own. The software filters over 32 billion websites, so you can rest-assured that children can browse the internet safely. What’s more, the App Management System allows parents to authorise or block apps that they consider not appropriate for their child.

Another customer mentioned on Amazon, “I like the parental controls, ability to download from the Amazon app store, touch screen features, pin ability, and avatar selection for each child. The only thing I would improve is the screen resolution. Other than that. I’m really proud of myself for purchasing a quality product for a low price.”


Over the past ten years, CronLab has helped the KD Group protect millions of children and families worldwide from threats and unsuitable content. To date, this success story continues with the integration of CronLab’s web filter technology in over 2 million Kurio devices.

The collaboration has successfully made the internet a safe haven for these children and has reassured their parents that their family and devices are not being exposed to harmful content or malicious intrusions.

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