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There are over 2 billion websites.

And there are hundreds of risks you may encounter while using the internet - from phishing to unsuitable content.

Without appropriate protection, you may fall prey to anything that ruins your experience. These risks are now causing a surging demand for protected internet usage. Combined with this secure environment, speed and usage insights make for the best web experience.

Web and WiFi Filtering Services

The internet represents 40 trillion gigabytes of data, and counting. A lot of it is unsuitable, irrelevant, disturbing, harmful, contains malware, or lowers productivity, depending on the situation. These are the reasons we offer a filtered web experience, tailored to meet the needs of connected device manufacturers worldwide.

CronLab’s web and WiFi filtering services promote a safe and efficient internet browsing experience by providing content control parameters that prevent access to content that is considered undesirable by the user.

You can do anything from blocking adult content on devices used by children to restricting illegal and unproductive activities in public spaces or on corporate networks. Our customised internet controls allow you to choose URL categories from an extensive database that you want to bar access to.

All content related to these categories is then inaccessible on your network, making web-related operations smoother and safer.

Aside, our filters also importantly block suspicious sites to protect from malware, phishing scams, and viruses. We ensure you don’t lose time and money in removing the impact of intrusive software.

Our customers are dispersed all over the world and we are trusted as providers of a seamless customized browsing experience.

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Web Usage Insights

Should you want a record of online activity from a certain network or device, we also provide Web Usage Insights as a means to monitor internet usage on that device or network.

We provide information on how the internet is being used on your network or device with specific tracking data that is then accessible via a customisable dashboard which can, for example display what websites were visited, how many times and when.

This information can then be used to effectively control future activities, to strengthen web and WiFi filters, as well as to prevent negative consequences resulting from harmful actions.

Businesses can use these insights for business strategy, general marketing activities and advertising optimisation purposes in addition to gaining a better understanding and control internet activity, etc. Individuals and families can use this information to properly understand what type of content is being accessed.

Web Usage Insights are essential to making optimal decisions which is why they are an integral part of our services.

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Web and WiFi Filtering Service Installed in Over Two and a Half Million Devices Globally

Founded in 2009, CronLab is renowned for providing world-class content filtering solutions to connected device manufacturers all over the globe. Our solutions are, through these partners, used by professionals as well as families, and the general public to enjoy a safe internet browsing experience.

We maximize convenience and promote safe, secure, and productive usage of the internet everywhere. Our services can be integrated into tablets, phones, routers, WiFi hotspots, and any other internet-enabled devices.

  • 36bn

  • 200+

  • 2.5m

Our service filters over 36 billion URLs from a URL database into 200+ different categories, giving thorough coverage. With customers all over the world, CronLab’s filters have so far been installed in over 2.5 million devices - as a trusted value-adding choice.

Key benefits of web filtering

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Trusted Web and WiFi Filter Technology
Provides 100% Customer Satisfaction

  • Identify and get rid of security threats and malware

  • Control and block inappropriate content

  • Decrease load on networks

  • Provide Web Usage Insights to enable better decision-making

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Friendly WiFi

The Friendly WiFi certification is a recognised industry standard that ensures public WiFi meets safe and is in sync with minimum filtering requirements and is thus considered safe.

For instance, this means that the WiFi is suitable for children to use andblocks all pornographic content, content regarding sexual abuse, and all content featuring inappropriate images of children.

Other unsuitable content may also be restricted.

Overall, being Friendly WiFi certified means providing a safe online experience and we pride ourselves in ensuring all of our users are safe while using the internet.

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What can a web filter do for manufacturers of internet connected devices?

A web filter integrates with solutions provided by way of OEM to maintain control over internet activities that may be harmful and blocking malicious websites, illegal activity, material that may cause a data breach, and irrelevant content.

It ensures that users are accessing safe and useful material that is relevant to their activity in order to facilitate better use of the technological device/service.

How does a WiFi web filter work
for URL database categorization?

A WiFi filter can be set to sort through URLs in a URL database and block URLs containing specific content or words by choosing certain categories. As per URL categorization, sites with content on similar topics or of a related nature will be grouped together.

For example, all URLs containing the word gambling or pointing towards such sites will be in the same category and can be blocked by the WiFi or network filter if that category is chosen. Likewise, other categories may be dating, instant messaging, music and videos, nudity, etc.

Advantages and benefits of web filtering
software for families and users?

A web filter ensures the safe and productive use of the internet for families and general users. It enables families and general users to be able to control web activity and block all inappropriate, irrelevant, unsuitable, or malicious content from a network or device. This ensures that people of all ages can use the internet on that device without fear of access to harmful content or nefarious software and viruses.

Accordingly, the web filter may also be set to manage certain situations and make sure that accessible content is appropriate for the particular purpose in a given context. For example, child pornography filters are applied on networks on public transport vehicles to ensure no inappropriate or illegal content is viewed in a public situation.

Why should original equipment manufacturers
use a web filter rather than a DNS filter?

CronLab offers a much more granular and flexible control over possiblefiltering accesses by blocking at the specific URL level, whereas DNS filtering merely and bluntly blocks according to the domain name. Hence, if there are multiple sections from a single domain name and you only want to block one or a few and not all, you won’t be able to do this with DNS filtering but have more control over it with CronLab’s web filters. A good example is a news website where you may not want a nude picture on a specific page to be accessible but would not want to block the whole website itself.

Additionally, we are Friendly WiFi compliant and our service centres offer continuous uninterrupted service, ensuring full customer satisfaction.