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Making the public transport internet connection safe

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  2. Monday, March 22, 2021

Today you expect a WiFi connection as soon as you come to a bus or a train station. It is today pretty common that trains, planes and buses offer onboard connectivity as well. What is not so common though is that there is no reliable implementation of IT security tools for the sake of the travellers. But the awareness is definitely on the raise.

An onboard safety service will not only protect you from malicious software, phishing attempts and any one onboard draining the connection with too much streaming. It will also protect you from being exposed to unsolicited content on a web page visited by you accidentally, or by your seat neighbour.

As a train or bus operator you can get in control on bandwidth usage, what is to be allowed to visit on the Internet while travelling in one of your carriages or who is to be allowed to stream content and who is not to. You can connect usage to payment systems to get in control of your costs with regards to mobile data charges from your telco operators.

With the CronLab solutions you can administer this centrally. The bus or train driver does not need to get involved in configurations or setting what is to be blocked or not. Everything is managed through our administrative portal, where you also can get in control on usage statistics.

CronLab do integration of our ready to use platform services and products. We have extensive experience from integrating our code libraries and software code into other routing products and we are afraid of nothing. The administrative portal functionality may be integrated into an existing customer service platform or IT administration software service, or built as a standalone web based administrative portal in the cloud. The integration into external systems are of course dependant on the integration possibilities of that system, but let’s sit down and review what is possible and not.

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