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  2. Thursday, March 18, 2021

You might be a single coffee shop or a big business having a chain of coffe shops. You might be a single Guide Michelin starred restaurant or a burger chain. No matter the size or type of food people today expect a WiFi available to the guests. Today it is rare that places like this do not offer any connectivity. At the same time it is rare that any restaurant offer any type of security against phishing attempts, unsolicited content or accidental downloading of malware (malicious software).

CronLab has developed both hardware and software products that play with our administrative tools, a smartphone app and an administrative portal. This should be in place in every open network offered to the public, according to us. Not just because we can offer the best IT security experience for cafés and restaurants, but also because everyone of your guests deserves the protection from bad content and people on the Internet.

Our concept is built up on installing one or several of our hardware products, depending on your need, and linking them to our administrative portal, from where you as a restaurant or coffee shop chain owner can control any settings involving the information security services in our products. You can set rules and settings for a single hardware or a group of hardware. You get notifications on activities in the router and can review usage statistics, to further optimise and secure the IT network provided to your valuable customers.

If you are in charge of the IT security environment or the business owner of a restaurant or a coffe shop, or any other similar place providing an open WiFi network, and haven’t succeeded in satisfying your desire for security you should get in contact with us. We can definitely solve these issues for you.

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